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“Eers pret, dan presteer”

In the Afrikaans department we believe that our pupils will only achieve once we can instill an interest and enthusiasm for the language. This can only be achieved by means of fun. Is fun possible in Afrikaans? O ja!

Our rich Afrikaans literature comes alive with dramatic presentations of poetry, visual portrayal of poetry, musical combinations with poetry and dramatization of set novels. In this way pupils who are not necessary confident with the language yet, can also achieve by means of a medium that they are already confident in and appreciate the written word through a more exciting medium.
Pupils’ creative pieces are entered in various competitions and are frequently published in literary magazines. Thus the pupils know that it is worth their while to make an effort, as their written work might go further than the teacher’s red pen.

Outings such as Aardklop creates the opportunity to experience Afrikaans culture and art in a true Afrikaans setting.

Afrikaans Public Speaking competitions force pupils to formulate their thoughts in Afrikaans and practice the verbal use of the language. To be able to do a whole speech at a competition creates an immense feeling of pride and invaluable confidence.

By means of all these syllabus-enriching activities, we as a department endeavor to instill a love for the language, confidence in the language and excellent achievements in the subject, Afrikaans.