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Roedean Girl

”Inspiring a Life of Significance”,  is a philosophy our community ascribes to and we believe that every child deserves the freedom to make her own unique mark on the world . . . . what ever that may be.

The Roedean approach is a child-centred one, we counsel, guide and nurture each girl offering her the skills, confidence, and determination to reach her full potential in every sphere of her life thus empowering her to define her own success.

Through encouraging independent thought, and fostering critical thinking, we aim to cultivate girls who:

  • are open-minded
  • have a broader global perspective
  • are emotionally intelligent
  • are confident, courteous, respectful and articulate
  • are Intellectually capable
  • are culturally aware
  • are Innovative
  • have a strong work ethic
  • have a love of life
  • achieve their own level of Academic excellence.