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PTA Overview


The Executive Committee of the Roedean PTA is constituted as a standing committee of the Board of Directors of Roedean. It consists of between 15 and 25 parents, collectively elected in the Junior School and in the Senior School, the Executive Headmistress Mrs Mary Williams, the head of the Junior School Ms. Gillian Boltman, and a representative of SAORA (the South African Old Roedeanian Association). One member of the committee has a seat on the Roedean Board.


The Chairlady of the PTA is Lizelle van Huyssteen, and the Deputy Chairs are Paula Morley (Senior School) and Lucy Montague (Junior School). Our treasurer is Cornel Muller and our Secretary Alta Ranwell. We are contactable through the school offices at 647 3200.


Every Parent is a member of the PTA and eligible for election to the Executive Committee of the PTA. Nomination forms go out annually in the first term of school. New committee members are elected at the PTA’s AGM held annually in the first term of school, usually in March. All parents and staff receive written notice of this meeting and are invited to attend.


The objects of the PTA’s are to:

- Support and further the interests and welfare of Roedean, and of its staff and girls;
- Foster a spirit of community amongst the parents, teachers and girls of the Roedean; and
- Provide a channel of communication between the parents of girls in Roedean and the school.


The projects/initiatives undertaken by the PTA are categorised into the following programs:

Facilities Upgrade Program:

School fees pay for education and it’s up to parents and other stakeholders of Roedean to assist the school in renewing and upgrading the school facilities, to ensure that they are in keeping with the demands of school life. The PTA Executive Committee identifies the out-of-budget improvements required in any financial year. Improvements made in the recent past include –

- The installation of floodlights at the swimming pool;
- The installation of the heating system at the swimming pool;
- The installation of sun cover over seating at pool;
- The installation of new score board at pool;
- The installation of the swimming pool heating system and change rooms, at the Jan Mallen Learn-to-Swim Pool;
- The installation of floodlights for the Astroturf hockey field;
- The installation of updated Honours Boards at Pavilion;
- The refurbishment of locker rooms in the Senior School;
- The refurbishment of the auditorium;
- The installation of air conditioning units in the Rene and Fred England Centre for
- Mathematics Excellence in the Senior School; and The refurbishment of the Grade 0 reading room.

Social Responsibility Community Service Program:

From time to time, the PTA supports social responsibility projects/initiatives in the Junior and Senior schools, working closely with all stakeholders to make a meaningful contribution to the broader community. Examples of such initiatives include:

- Supporting the 2016 Senior School women’s health initiative in collaboration with Phedisang;
- Collaborating with the Junior School for the 2016 School SleepOutTM
- Arranging a party for the Everest Primary School to celebrate the 2016 Mandela Day;
- Supporting the implementation of a chosen 2016 Grade 10 social responsibility project.

Roedean Community Building Program

The PTA invites the entire Roedean community to get together and connect at our various community events, such as our Mothers’ and Daughters’ lunch and our annual cocktail party, held to build an overall sense of togetherness and belonging.

Fund Raising Program

In support of the PTA objectives we organise annual fundraising events such as the 2016 Casino Royale, the 2014 Day at the Races and numerous prior Golf Days. Other ongoing fundraising initiatives include:

- MySchool Card;
- The Project Club;
- Stationary Sales;
- Senior School Textbook Sales.