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Mary Williams Boarding House

Boarding House Overview


The Mary Williams Boarding House is a successfully blended original style of Sir Herbert Baker with modern state-of the-art features.

The design of the facility not only makes use of the very latest eco-architectural systems available in South Africa, but for the very first time in our country, advanced-energy insulation material has been incorporated in the building. And, whilst energy conservation and water management have played important roles in the construction of the facility, the unique and contemporary design of the House has brought a special quality of both innovation and stability to the school as a whole.

This secure and comfortable House can accommodate 76 senior girls, consisting of Lambs boarding for Lower V’s (Grd 8) and Middle V’s (Grd 9), and Bears boarding for Upper V’s (Grd 10), Ante Matrics (Grd 11) and Matrics (Grd 12). They are housed in spacious single and double rooms, creating both an intimate and people-friendly communal living environment.

The actual positioning of the Mary Williams House was carefully considered before the foundations were laid. As a result, it has two sunny courtyards as well as brand new sporting facilities to ensure that our boarders can enjoy an active lifestyle under matron supervision.

The House also features two large, spacious, open-plan areas which will serve as Common Rooms, as well as flexible and exciting new learning areas for both the Upper Junior School and St Margaret’s girls during the academic school morning.

The additional access point to the school, coupled with basement parking bays, have already alleviated the traffic back-up in most areas of the school, thus creating an improved energy and flow in both the Senior and Junior School parking areas.

Living away from home can often be a daunting prospect for young students, we believe the Mary Williams House has been built and furnished in such a way that each and every girl will be cared for in a warm, comfortable and happy environment.

Roedean recognises and delights in the fact that “girls are girls” who need their privacy but also like to have fun, are conscientious about their studies and sometimes just need the companionship of their fellow learners whilst living away from their loved ones.


Boarding Contact Details

The Head of Boarding

Debbie Heard
011 647 3276

Assistant Head of Boarding and Lambs Matron

Liza Williams
011 647 3277

Bears Matron

Vicky Maphosa
011 647 3275

Boarding Administrative Assistant

Tshidi Mogodiri
011 647 3200

The boarding matron is responsible for the supervision of routines in the boarding house and at meal times. The emotional, physical and academic wellbeing of the boarders in her care is her primary concern. She also oversees aspects such as personal hygiene, good study habits, bedtimes, eating times and respect for others in the boarding house.

The boarding matrons are available to the boarders and their parents at all times during the term. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss any matters, please contact your daughter’s matron directly.

Termly and Weekly Boarding


Termly Boarders

Termly boarders are girls who remain in the boarding house over weekends. One of the boarding matrons and a student tutor are on duty each weekend.

Entertainment and activities may be arranged for the boarders during the weekends, depending on school commitments. Most weekends, the boarders are given the option of going to one of the nearby shopping malls where they may do their shopping, meet with their friends for coffee or watch a movie.

Termly boarders are required to inform the Head of Boarding of their weekend plans for outings, but permission for such visits must be obtained in writing from the boarder’s parents by Friday at 15h00, at the latest. Full details must be provided regarding times of departure and return, along with information about the “responsible adult” who will sign them out, according to the sign-out procedure.


Weekly Boarders

Weekly boarders are girls who do not stay in the boarding house every weekend. Weekly boarders must be collected before 17h00 on Friday afternoon after signing out.

Weekly boarders may return on Sunday evening between 17h00 and 19h30. Alternatively, they may return to the boarding house on Monday morning before 06h50 – appropriately dressed in school uniform.

For further information please download the Boarding Information Booklet.